Meet the Characters: Antique Minnesota Seed Counter

Here at Past and Present Home Gallery we are the antique store with character. We have a large selection of antiques and collectibles with unique stories and details that make them one-of-a-kind. One such piece is this antique seed counter.

Antique Minnesota Seed Counter

This antique seed counter was manufactured by the Duluth Showcase Company, which was founded in 1902 by Peter M. Carlson. The company designed and built store fixtures and ice chests until switching exclusively to ice chests in 1928.

Duluth Evening Herold from 1906. myheritage.com. Retrieved: July 29, 2016.

Duluth Evening Herold from 1906. myheritage.com. Retrieved: July 29, 2016.

This counter design was patented on September 30, 1913 and features 8 storage compartments and 12 display compartments.  The storage compartments are a unique construction that combines pressed tin for the sides with wooden fronts and backs. The sheet metal was brought over from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and still has the manufacturer’s stamp. The two bottom storage compartments also slide on built-in casters. The front windowed compartments are less than one inch deep and would have been used to display the various types of grains and seeds available for purchase.

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