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GIANT ANTIQUE ROOSTER sited on Broadway!

Okay, maybe it's not an antique, but it's definitely collectible.  And it's here to announce that Past & Present Home Gallery is hosting "WAKE UP" with the Alexandria Chamber members Friday morning May 6, 7:30 - 8:30 a.m.

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We look forward to welcoming everyone -- whether a Chamber member or not -- to stop in and enjoy the nostalgia of by-gone eras to the present.

Explore our store and discover things from the past as it brings sweet memories to mind and a smile to your face.  Find antique pieces of the past to bring into your home to make conversation pieces. Repurpose barn doors, barn wood, galvanized tin, windows, doors, furniture, lights and decor -- there's plenty here to inspire your creativity.

We also feature collectible items from the present (and not-so-distant past).  You'll find unique one-of-a-kind items such as handmade Garden Art, Cast Aluminum figures, KT Design bags, furniture and decor items.

Just in time for Mother's Day we have the " DIVA DEN" making it's debut. Enter the stress-free zone and have some fun. Just as our Man Cave is for the Boys, this special collection of unique items is for the Girls, and the room is filled with Giggles, Smiles, and Laughs. Bring Mom and the girls to have some fun reminiscing, relaxing and relating to so many things. Shop vintage hats, flirty shoes, handbags, and retro furniture along with all sorts of surprises--you never know what you might find in the "DIVA DEN".

Visit Past & Present Home Gallery, and browse 3 levels with 13,000+ sq. ft. of retail displays. Our inventory changes daily, and the displays are guaranteed to be different the next time you shop here.  So stop in often!

Remember: most of our items are one of a kind, so if you find that special item get it while you can at Past & Present Home Gallery, the Antique Store with Character!


Found objects from the Past become collectible unique Garden Art for the Present.

One-of-a-kind visitors have arrived just in time for summer…

Not everything at our store is an antique. One of our talented local artists has quite the imagination when handcrafting these one-of-a-kind art pieces. Each of these amazing creations are welded together using antique and vintage repurposed items such as shovels and rake heads, rotary hoes, square nails, fence post nails, gears, hitches, horse shoes, wrenches, old kitchen utensils to chains and machinery parts. If you’re into collectibles—what a fun thing to collect and best of all affordable originals

This creative menagerie of 3 D art includes, everything from flower stakes, bird feeders, corn stalk feeders, rotary hoe roosters to pan fish, gear fish, turtles, dragon flies, wall hanging pig, pot belly pig, grasshoppers, frogs, ducks, flamingos, pelicans, cat, butterfly, caterpillar, rattle snake, shovel head face, blue heron…the selection goes on and on.

Imagine the beauty of fish swimming among the cattails and reeds as it sways in the wind by your dock, or a pink flamingo that can liven up your lawn or gardens.
Get your favorite one of a kind creation before they’re gone at Past & Present Home Gallery!

The Antique Store with Character

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