Meet the Characters: Antique Dining Fit For Royalty

Here at Past and Present Home Gallery, we have a wide selection of furniture. You can find vintage dressers next to antique buffets or antique desks next to modern end tables. We have all sorts of character pieces coming and going through our store; but every once in a while we get to host something that has just a bit more character than the rest.

Antique Ornate Dining Set

You can live like royalty with this ornately carved, antique dining set—the chairs even come with a coat of arms. The set was discovered in a third floor storage space in the 1960’s by a young man and his friends. Using rope and tackle they hoisted the table, all six chairs, and the buffet through the window and down to the street. The table and chairs were then used by the man and his family while he kept the buffet safely wrapped and stored in his garage. Now, 50 years later, this set is ready for another home where it can be used and cherished.

Come into Past and Present Home Gallery to see these magnificent pieces in person and discover all of the other characters we have throughout the store like the Vintage Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph or all of the collectibles you can find in the Man Cave. Our store is even open on Labor Day, Monday, September 5, 2016 from 10am until 3pm. We can’t wait to see you at Past and Present Home Gallery, the antique store with character!