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Fashion trends come and go, but antique, collectible, vintage and unique items are always in style. 

In the 21st Century, everything is in.  Off of the top of your head, what is your personal style statement?  How about something on the top of your head?  At Past and Present Home Gallery we have a wonderful assortment of women’s hats from the mid-century.  They create a one-of-a-kind look, are affordably priced and just might bring out the best in you or enhance your décor when displayed in your home.


World War II shaped the look of 1940’s women’s fashion.

Clothing was often utilitarian looking and closely fit, due to rationing so as little fabric as possible could be used.  However, hat materials were not rationed and so there emerged a wide variety of hat styles.  Many were overly adorned and elaborate with feathers, veils and artificial flowers. The term “piece de resistance” or “resistance piece” implied that the fashions were in a way patriotic, and in protest to the Nazi occupation.  The turban was a look that covered all or most of the woman’s hair and was pulled into a ‘V” at the front of the brow; sometimes called  “v for victory”, once again connecting fashion with patriotism.  Another style, known as the “Doll Hat” sat a-top the wearer’s head, very small and very far forward on the brow with a similarity to some Victorian styles as well as some styles seen in gothic fashion today.

Hats:  Don’t leave home without them.


After World War II, hats saw a decline in popularity.  Women in the 1950’s were choosing to leave home without wearing a hat.  As a result, the millinery industry began to create a variety of “must have” styles to top off a formal outfit.  Many were extravagant.  Small, flat pieces that were perched atop short hairstyles were popular – these were “pancake” and “cart-wheel” hats with wide-brims.

Mid-Century Modern

Jackie Kennedy made the pill box  style extremely popular in the 1960’s in spite of a greater decline in women wearing hats.  The higher, fuller hairstyles of the decade meant that hats needed to be small and sit on top of the head.  Hats began to be seen as a thing of the past as fashion in the 60’s was geared more and more toward youth.  By the end of the decade the idea of hats as a daily accessory was nearly extinct.  With the exception of a few brief re-emergence’s, the hat as an every day accessory died out in the 1960’s.


Retro looks are everywhere!

Vintage is making a comeback.    All you have to do is check out fashions on the 2019 runways, Pinterest or Etsy to see women’s hat styles from all time periods again.  You can find the originals here at Past and Present Home Gallery.  Come at take a look through the store.  Check out the Diva Den.  Try on some hats and see if there is one just right for you!  Create your own personal style here at Past and Present Home Gallery, the antique store with character…and retro style to make your own.