Here a Gnome, There a Gnome

The Gnomes have arrived!

Past and Present Home Gallery has been visited by gnomes just in time to join the party for your Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations!  We are so pleased we were able to acquire these uniquely designed, handmade gnomes.  They are not mass produced.  Each gnome is an individual and comes with an individual name.  They are just waiting to meet you!


Bring Good Luck to Your Home this Holiday Season!

Gnomes are always considered good luck charms. They are often found living in the rafters of barns as guardians of animals and you will find them in every nook and cranny at Past and Present Home Gallery.  They are goodhearted, peaceful and rather jolly.  Though these magical little creatures are bashful, a gnome is said to bring immense good fortune to those who chance upon them and take them home. 

Add a touch of whimsy to your life.

There are many different gnomes at the store for you to meet.  Surely you will find some who are ready to go with you and be tucked into special spaces (like maybe a Christmas stocking?) adding a touch of whimsy and sparking fun conversation with your guests.  So place these little good luck charms in your home and enjoy.  Or select a few for gifts!  Everyone will smile.

While you are here, be sure to check out our stained glass lamps, antiques, collectibles, retro, and one-of-a kind items to give as gifts or to add warmth to your home décor this holiday season.

We - and the gnomes - look forward to seeing you at Past and Present Home Gallery, the antique store with character…and gnomes!