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Today, we are featuring a Texaco gas station attendant’s cap and a uniform shirt with a Studebaker Sealed Power Piston Rings logo from the late 1930’s.   These would look great next to your gas pumps or signage from that era.  Or, you could start a collection!

The first drive-in service station opened in 1913.  American motorists had been able to pump their own gas at filling stations since 1905, but those were basically a pump at the curbside. Prior to that, motorists bought gasoline in cans from places like pharmacies and blacksmith shops.

1930’s Texaco Gas Station

As the driving public increased, so did the demand for more services, such as free air and water, crankcase service, and tire and tube installation.  This also meant new retail opportunities to gas station owners and the need  to hire attendants.

During the 1930’s, oil companies created on the job and correspondence course training programs both for customer service and lubrication bay servicing.  These were later replaced  by intensive three to five day residential courses that were held in mockup gas stations or special company-owned gas stations with classrooms attached. And, of course, each company had their own uniform with a clearly identifiable company logo.

Texaco Star and Studebaker Goddess - icons from the past

The Red Texaco Star and Studebaker Sealed Power Piston rings logos were well known. These piston rings were used in Studebakers and sold to auto repair shops/gas stations.


This cap and shirt were, no doubt, worn by a trained attendant who filled up the car while checking the radiator, the tires, the oil and, perhaps, did work on the crankcase for customers.  They are in remarkable condition and would make a great addition to any collection of service station or American automobile memorabilia.

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