Show Off Your Summer Tan With Handmade Jewelry From Florida

Mermaid Accessories.JPG

Gifts from the ocean, for the inner mermaid...


Past and Present is pleased to announce this line of hand-crafted jewelry from *Poseidon's Mistress.  This collection of mermaid accessories includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets (for wrists and ankles), and matched sets created from seashells of the Florida coast.  The shells have been lacquered to harden and preserve them.  They are mounted on surgical steel posts or strung with sterling silver chain.  Affordably priced, they add a touch of the tropics that will make any mermaid proud to wear them.  

Angel Shell Bracelets.jpg
Glow in the Dark.jpg

Angel Shell Bracelets will glow in the dark, perfect for late night strolls on the beach...

*A little mermaid told this writer that Poseidon's Mistress is really Rebekah VanEps, known to some as Jeff's niece.