Meet the Characters: Jazzy Antique Radio

If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting us at Past and Present Home Gallery, you know that part of the character of our store is our atmosphere—and that includes the radio stations we play. As you browse our store you may bop along with some good-ole oldies or listen intently to the Vikings game (Go Vikings!). But the most recent character piece to be hosted by our store has us humming jazz.

Antique Radio from Federal Radio Corporation

This beautifully carved cabinet holds a very cool secret. Inside is an antique radio built by the Federal Radio Corporation of Buffalo, New York. The radio and cabinet are dated between 1926 and 1929 when jazz music filled the streets of Harlem. The radio itself is an Ortho-sonic Type F, which was advertised as having the best sound and tonal quality of its day. Part of that magnificent sound could be from the long antenna cord that wraps all around the inside of the left cabinet door.

While the radio is currently not in working condition, this beautiful character piece is sure to bring some great conversations to your home. Come and check it out in person as well as browse our dining table selection during our Fall Table Sale!

Can’t wait to see you at Past and Present Home Gallery, the antique store with character!